From one musical thing to another....

I know I've hinted at this before but there is a gig you must go to on Friday March 13th (how appropriate) at The Library in Leeds.

It contains a gig of not one but TWO legendary reformed bands...




YES! The first Mandro1d gig in 4 years, and their second one ever. The fabric of the Earth needed to re-knit itself together after the continent-shattering performance of 2005.

The only band who officially come from the future are back!!!!

Classics such as "Year 2000", "All I want for Christmas is a Burnt out Car" and "Nuclear is cool" will be performed along with their legendary Bryan Adams cover, "The Summer of 6.9" and some new PREVIOUSLY UNHEARD tracks!!

This truly will be a monumental event and it may take another 4 years for the world to recover again, so BE THERE OR REGRET IT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!