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Hailing from a wartorn future where robots have become the masters and humans are slaves, Mandro1d have come to warn us of the dangers ahead with their mix of hard industrial beats, mega-synth basslines and heartfelt vocals.

Mandro1d's first excursion into the maelstrom of time brought them to 2005 and The Brudenell Social Club. At the end of a blistering gig they disappeared back to their own time and the not-yet-invented european country they call home, "The Knife", with the knowledge of a job well done.

However the future is not yet safe and the crackling electricity in the air and the smell of iron tells us that Mandro1d will be back again. They have raided the museums of the future, to wear fashions that they believe will help them blend in. They will be hoisting their warning like a patard.

They will stop the dancefloor of the future with weapons of crushing beats and rhythms of fire.
How did Man and Dro1d meet?